1. Social selling is a must

According to SalesforLife.com 73% of salespeople who used social selling as part of their sales process during the period studied outperformed their peers.

Salespeople should see this trend as a must and map out a strategy for consistently utilizing their social media profiles to find, engage and connect with existing and potential new customers. Social selling is perhaps the biggest disruption sales will see in the near future.

2. Data helps as never did before

Due to the implementation of CRMs (customer-relationship management systems) and other automated ways of gathering information, today’s salespeople are blessed with an unprecedented amount of pertinent data.

This can show sales team members what works and what doesn’t, so they can spend their time on more profitable actions and minimize resource allocation.

In that way, analytics is a tool that helps to do that.

3. Mobile, a new selling channel

If you have not yet adapted to a mobile environment, you will soon be left behind. “Going mobile” is in the top of a smart sales strategy, it’s a need.

Salespeople who seek out new applications to make themselves more productive recognize that mobile is a viable new selling channel.

4. Specialization is a demand

B2B customers expect value solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, and that demand is bringing about a more educated, specialized salesperson.

It’s an idea that requires more teamwork than ever, allowing each salesperson to capitalize on his or her unique strengths.

5. Qualified leads

According to a report by the B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61% of marketers surveyed said that the biggest challenge they face is generating high-quality leads, instead of the amount of them.


(sources: https://www.entrepreneur.com July 2016, imagen MarketingProfs.com)