Source of information: “In the Angenda CEO” Cre100.do (Carlos Mira, 2016).

The world is having a deep transformation, which is a scenario of challenges and opportunities. In this context, the CEO of a company should consider the following points as part of his/her agenda:

  1. Find new opportunities in a rapidly changing world and review the business model in the context of the technological revolution: The company strategy has to take into account macro-long-term trends, such as:
    • The increasing importance of the Asia-Pacific
    • The evolution of the middle classes in different regions of the world, growing in emerging regions and contracting in Europe and the US.
    • Demographic trends
    • The concentration of population and wealth in cities
    • The technological revolution
  1. Develop position within the ecosystem (versus supply chain) with models that complement organic growth, ie, alliances, acquisitions and joint-ventures.
  2. Develop an organization for the XXI century to facilitate the transformation of the company, considering that a company around elements such as CEO leadership, talent, and clearly defined business processes.
  3. Engage internal and external talent needed as a critical success factor.
  4. Develop the brand and reputation of the company, as a gathering of the value proposition of the company.