About us

ERM Consultancy is an association of professionals working in different areas of expertise leaded by  Elena Rodriguez MayolWe have been helping our clients since 2006.

Elena Rodríguez Mayol is business advisor, passionate of art and lover of all kinds of knowledge.

She is an associated lecture at IE business school, approved professor at EOI in the areas of entrepreneurship, sales and digital economy, and Business Coach for EU SME H2020.

Her qualifications include a degree in Mathematics from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid; a Master in Sales and Marketing Management from IE Business School, and a  Master in Finance Management from the Foundation of Ministry of  Commerce of Spain.

She has a successful experience of more than 30 years including CxO positions at  Digital, Alcatel-Lucent, Telefónica Group, and EDS. She is co-founder of the IT&T services company ROANE, and founder and director of the contemporary art online gallery COON ART. As business advisor, she has developed services for start-up’s small, medium and large companies.