In the wide space of “coaches” that have emerged in recent times, of all profiles, certified or not by different agencies, with or without justification, we would like to highlight two of them:

  • Business Coach of the EEC Instrument SME 2020
  • Business Mentor of the Madri+d Foundation

In both cases, the purpose of the certification is to be able to develop services, both business coaching and mentoring, to start-ups and technology-based SMEs.

These certifying bodies are supported by the European and Spanish administrations, and they count as an endorsement a broad and successful experience of support for start-ups and SMEs with a technological base, with the help of the business coaches and business mentors with whom they work.

Elena Rodriguez Mayol, who was already certified Business Coach of the H2020 Instrument of the community of Madrid, has obtained the recently created Business Mentor certification of the Madri+d Foundation