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Is it possible to build intelligent machines? Is the brain a machine? These two questions have been the obsession of great thinkers for centuries. Currently, we still know little about the brain; however, we are following a path that may consider it a computational system.

Colloquially, the term artificial intelligence is applied when a machine imitates the cognitive functions that humans associate with human mind, for example: “learn” and “solve problems”.

Nils John Nilsson, (one of the founders of this discipline), said that the AI ​​rests on four basic pillars:

  • Search for a state in a set of them, produced by possible actions.
  • Genetic algorithms (analogous to the process of evolution of DNA chains).
  • Artificial neural networks (analogous to the physical functioning of the brain of animals and humans).
  • Reasoning through a formal logic analogous to human abstract thinking.

There are also different types of perceptions and actions, which can be obtained and produced, respectively, by physical sensors and mechanical sensors.

Heuristic searches, knowledge representation, languages and software ​​ tools, systems that think like humans (eg artificial neural networks), or those that act as humans (eg robotics), or systems that think logically (eg expert systems), are some of the world’s terms of artificial intelligence.

Many of the researchers on AI maintain that “intelligence is a program capable of being executed independently of the machine that executes it, computer or brain”.

Since the end of the 1980s, in which object-oriented languages ​​have appeared, advances in the field of AI have been mainly produced by improvements in the software’s process capabilities (that is, hardware size and price has been drastically reduced). This has undoubtedly helped that its use begins to be carried out in a massive commercial manner (*), which augurs an exciting future.

(*) Some areas of application are Data Mining, Management and control, Manufacturing, Education, Engineering, Equipment, Cartography, Finance, Politics, Oil prospections, Chemical plants, Transportation Systems, Medicine, Automotive, Videogames, Marketing, …

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In the wide space of “coaches” that have emerged in recent times, of all profiles, certified or not by different agencies, with or without justification, we would like to highlight two of them:

  • Business Coach of the EEC Instrument SME 2020
  • Business Mentor of the Madri+d Foundation

In both cases, the purpose of the certification is to be able to develop services, both business coaching and mentoring, to start-ups and technology-based SMEs.

These certifying bodies are supported by the European and Spanish administrations, and they count as an endorsement a broad and successful experience of support for start-ups and SMEs with a technological base, with the help of the business coaches and business mentors with whom they work.

Elena Rodriguez Mayol, who was already certified Business Coach of the H2020 Instrument of the community of Madrid, has obtained the recently created Business Mentor certification of the Madri+d Foundation


Last Friday took place the Workshop “Technological Spin-Offs: Entrepreneurship from Engineering, a world of possibilities” at the Nebrija University

The event, superbly organized and moderated by Pilar Vélez Melón, professor of mathematics at the university, was attended by Senén Barro, General Director of Red Emprendia, Antonio Sainz, President of the European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE), Daniel Pardo, General Manager of FARSENS, and Elena Rodríguez Mayol, partner of ERM Consultancy and CEO of the online contemporary art gallery COON ART.

In a relaxed environment, the participants talked about their different experiences as entrepreneurs, as a job option for students who are finishing their engineering or master’s studies.

Some of the points that were discussed were:

The opportunity to undertake, and engineering and technical training as a competitive advantage

  • The challenge of undertaking: the pivoting
  • The existence of a more favorable ecosystem now: there are finance aid, within the umbrella of the EEC
  • Better social reputation
  • Tools on the Internet
  • Multiple existing agents such as accelerators and consultants
  •  The passion in what you do, as a “driver” of entrepreneurship
  • The importance of partners and collaborators along the way.

Attendees were especially interested in technical training in entrepreneurship, as a differential, when managing the rest of the functions of the value chain of a company.


These are the two conclusions deduced from the talks at radio program “La Bolsa o La Vida” few months ago. Luis Vicente Muñoz (CEO of Capital Radio), Julio Rodríguez Diaz (consultant for the Mentoring Network of Madri + d), Maria Christina Rus (founder of CoworkingON) and Elena Rodriguez Mayol as mentor where in the discusions.

  • Check the health of your company every 6 months to avoid heart attack
  • Sell or Die

During the development of the interview, many interesting topics were discussed, some of them are:

  • The geographical markets in which a startup should operate. Be able, on the part of the (a) entrepreneur, to maintain a global and international vision from the beginning, but planning growth in accordance with the available resources.
  • The importance of the income statement and the budget. Especially in the technology sector where it is very difficult to predict demand, we must try to capture the general business plan in a spreadsheet, not delegate this function to a manager
  • The convenience of doing a market test with a pilot before proceeding to the development of the complete product or investing many resources.
  • Many good businesses are the result of the failure of an earlier idea, of a pivot.
  • In mentoring processes, as in other labor relations, enrichment is mutual between mentoring and mentee.
  • An entrepreneur must be able to build the entire value chain of the company with very few resources. One of the skills he/she must have is knowing how to surround yourself with talent to achieve it. And of course, to be organized and focused.


Capital Radio-Luis Vicente