China is leading the O2O commerce phenomenon. A simple definition of o2o (online-to-offline) commerce may be a sales strategy that brings people, with digital information, to physical shops.

Some of the technical key factors for this success, are:

  • The availability and grow of use of QR codes that links online to offline interactions
  • Voice-based and instant messaging apps to increase trust
  • Mobile payments: the last mile of o2o successfully implemented in China

o2o-online-to-offline-China-ecommerce-retail-digital-technology-startups-alibaba-dmall-leyou-wechat-mobile-payments-QR-codes-voice-martin-pasquier-GMIC-beijing-innovationiseverywhere-5Despite this, China retail e-commerce was 12% of the total retail sales in 2015, still a low portion of the cake, but growing 20% from previous year.

o2o-online-to-offline-China-ecommerce-retail-digital-technology-startups-alibaba-dmall-leyou-wechat-mobile-payments-QR-codes-voice-martin-pasquier-GMIC-beijing-innovationiseverywhere-1(Some content is base on information)