Last Friday took place the Workshop “Technological Spin-Offs: Entrepreneurship from Engineering, a world of possibilities” at the Nebrija University

The event, superbly organized and moderated by Pilar Vélez Melón, professor of mathematics at the university, was attended by Senén Barro, General Director of Red Emprendia, Antonio Sainz, President of the European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE), Daniel Pardo, General Manager of FARSENS, and Elena Rodríguez Mayol, partner of ERM Consultancy and CEO of the online contemporary art gallery COON ART.

In a relaxed environment, the participants talked about their different experiences as entrepreneurs, as a job option for students who are finishing their engineering or master’s studies.

Some of the points that were discussed were:

The opportunity to undertake, and engineering and technical training as a competitive advantage

  • The challenge of undertaking: the pivoting
  • The existence of a more favorable ecosystem now: there are finance aid, within the umbrella of the EEC
  • Better social reputation
  • Tools on the Internet
  • Multiple existing agents such as accelerators and consultants
  •  The passion in what you do, as a “driver” of entrepreneurship
  • The importance of partners and collaborators along the way.

Attendees were especially interested in technical training in entrepreneurship, as a differential, when managing the rest of the functions of the value chain of a company.