These four companies are made platforms and/or processes that allow us to communicate worldwide, and massively adopt ways of doing things that not long ago were disruptive.

What is the value added that they provide?

Google has a clear commitment with innovation (connected car, internet of things, robotics, virtual reality … are some of its initiatives), with a business model based on advertising.

Apple achieve, a wonderful user experience (which was for many years a chimera in the technology industry) and elite design of its products. So from the beginning, it has created market trends that enabled high growth rates.

Microsoft, a classic company of the technology industry, with no innovation, but with the very great achievement: the monopoly in the personal computers market. Today, with Satya Nadella (CEO), it’s walking in the open source environment.

Facebook, one of the great players of social networks, commit with volume and free services, but we need to understand the business model sustainability.

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