These are the two conclusions deduced from the talks at radio program “La Bolsa o La Vida” few months ago. Luis Vicente Muñoz (CEO of Capital Radio), Julio Rodríguez Diaz (consultant for the Mentoring Network of Madri + d), Maria Christina Rus (founder of CoworkingON) and Elena Rodriguez Mayol as mentor where in the discusions.

  • Check the health of your company every 6 months to avoid heart attack
  • Sell or Die

During the development of the interview, many interesting topics were discussed, some of them are:

  • The geographical markets in which a startup should operate. Be able, on the part of the (a) entrepreneur, to maintain a global and international vision from the beginning, but planning growth in accordance with the available resources.
  • The importance of the income statement and the budget. Especially in the technology sector where it is very difficult to predict demand, we must try to capture the general business plan in a spreadsheet, not delegate this function to a manager
  • The convenience of doing a market test with a pilot before proceeding to the development of the complete product or investing many resources.
  • Many good businesses are the result of the failure of an earlier idea, of a pivot.
  • In mentoring processes, as in other labor relations, enrichment is mutual between mentoring and mentee.
  • An entrepreneur must be able to build the entire value chain of the company with very few resources. One of the skills he/she must have is knowing how to surround yourself with talent to achieve it. And of course, to be organized and focused.


Capital Radio-Luis Vicente