On June 13th raises the news of the purchase of Linkedin by Microsoft for € 23,000m, it is so much important!, not because the amount of the transaction, but because the  product being transferred. Linkedin is the most important social network of professional contacts around the world.

In the same way, in 2013 English Phaidon publishing group bought Vip Art Fair, a virtual space for art fairs, which business model have pivoted to a marketplace of contemporary art and books.

In both cases, the business model purchased was hardly sustainable from the point of view of the income statement. Value: USERS. We are all players while pawns on a chess board in which the rules are constantly changing.

Everything points to, again, invest in growth, and so many companies are already doing that. In a much more complex and changing environment, at the mercy of collaborative relations, there is a need to go back to take care of the sales and marketing organizations, the spearhead of the growth.

New definitions of business plans, sales and marketing procedures, business health checks, training and coaching professionals, complemented by specialized external services, makes companies become more competitive.

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